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Problems with Referrals

Paper work, frequent phone calls and numerous faxes all combined, leave the providers in ambiguity and the patients unhappy.


No simple and streamlined workflow

  • Single referral requires multiple paper work,phone calls and faxes
  • Not easy to identify the right specialist
  • Lack of resources to validate the need for referral
  • No updates on referral progress


Productivity Loss + Missed Referrals = Loss in Revenue​

  • Cumbersome to manage referrals from paper, phone call and fax across multiple referrers
  • Lack of pertinent information during a referral
  • Problems with scheduling appointment due to inconsistent patient follow-up
  • Loss of revenue due to missed referrals


Coordination Hassle

  • Patient's preferences not considered during specialists identification
  • Burdened with coordinating between offices
  • Repeated diagnosis and tests due to lack of secure data exchange means between PCP

Our Solution

A single Referral Management Platform to coordinate and manage referrals across multiple channels simultaneously

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At HealthviewX, we understand the challenges in growing healthcare industry and customer expectations very well.

We are at the spearhead of delivering cutting-edge HealthcareIT solutions to help enhance patient care and improved well being.

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