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About HealthViewX

Care Orchestration Solutions: Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Who we are

We at HealthViewX are passionate about building a user-centric healthcare ecosystem that aims to improve patient experience, using technology to help create defined workflows and raise the standard of care. We are at the forefront of enabling a collaborative platform for better care coordination & efficiency of care to enhance provider-patient relationship.

HealthViewX is a spin-off from its parent entity Payoda Technology, Inc. which is a 1000 member organization. The company is headquartered in the US with offices spread across major cities in India. The care orchestration platform we have built focuses on greater convenience and simplicity for providers, payers and most importantly, patients. Our digital transformation efforts allow healthcare organizations to address key challenges, rapidly build applications that bring together data and automate key processes to keep pace with the changing healthcare environment.

Our patent pending healthcare solutions leverage the latest advances in technology including Cloud, Mobility and Big Data to connect health systems, data, processes, and devices, within and across organizations. These solutions seamlessly integrate and address existing gaps in communication within healthcare systems enabling better care coordination among healthcare providers, patients, caregivers and payers.

What we Do

The HealthViewX end-to-end Care Orchestration Platform guides healthcare organizations through its entire care journey by enabling data-driven decision support and providing real-time insights of patient reported data to promote better care delivery. The platform enables secure communication of patient information and remote monitoring of patient vitals to improve participation and create an interoperable ecosystem for care delivery. The API friendly, cloud hosted HealthViewX is architected to help piece together disparate sources of patient information like various EMR and EHR systems without compromising on security.

The HealthViewX Referral Management solution is a medical referral tracking software for quick and complete medical referral communication and management. We support pioneering providers with the right solution to effectively manage Medicare's profitable reimbursement program called CCM (Chronic Care Management). The HealthViewX Care Management solution allows remote patient monitoring to improve patient participation, population health and preventive intervention.In this period, when healthcare industry is experiencing its most drastic change, HealthViewX focuses on helping healthcare providers adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of the industry and provide the best quality care for its patients.

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