Strengthen your Client Relationship and Generate more Recurring Revenue

by adding CCM Services to your business offerings.

Tap into this $20 billion potential market as 1 in 4 Americans have 2 or more chronic conditions.

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With HealthViewX CCM Solution, capture minute-by-minute level of documentation that traditional EHRs are not set-up to do.

Why Our Customers Love Us

TeleNurse Network

“HealthViewX is an easy and comprehensive software system for chronic care management that allows the user accessibility to multiple patients in order to complete CMS compliant care plans. Clients are able to receive a personalized care plan that helps them stay on track with your healthcare goals and providers’ recommendations.”

- Marisela Cigliuti, TeleNurse Network.

Customized care plans and the convenience of technology like HealthViewX CCM solution will help you and your clients monetize from CCM services efficiently.

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