Generate Additional Recurring Revenue for your FQHC by offering CCM Services!

Besides being a step in the right direction for patient care, this is a great opportunity for FQHCs to generate additional recurring revenue.

In the United States, 25% of adults have at least two chronic conditions. Implementing CCM services in your practice will not only improve patient care, increase patient satisfaction but also generate a new revenue stream and set you up for success.

In this 40 minute webinar, learn from our solution experts on how

  • to create a patient-centered care plan based on a comprehensive assessment

  • to increase efficiency and ensure completion of CCM requirements to meet monthly billing needs

  • to generate reports in a CMS-approved format, just directly upload with the PCP’s signature

  • to get real-time visibility of your complete CCM activities

  • this extremely scalable solution helps you to meet the requirements of any operative size, and our pay-per-user pricing model keeps overhead cost minimal and manageable

Also, learn how HealthViewX CCM solution has helped similar FQHCs like yours effectively provide CCM services and get reimbursed for the time spent in providing non-face-to-face care for qualified CCM enrolled patients.

Presenter:Sivarajkumar K, Product Manager – HealthViewX

Date:February 11th, 2020

Time:10 AM PT