Managing Outbound Patient Referrals for FQHCs

Why attend this webinar?

The biggest challenge FQHCs face is tracking their patients when they obtain services outside the practice. A systematic management of referrals integrated with EMR systems.

What will you learn from this webinar?

In this 40 minute webinar, we will discuss how to

  • Streamline and standardize your patient referral process.

  • Boost operational efficiency and close referral loop

  • Enhance patient experience find the most relevant specialists/imaging centers to refer to

  • Retain patients within your network and monitor prescribed care

In this 30 min session on “Managing Outbound Patient Referrals for FQHCs”, Viveak addresses how a referral management solution simplifies and streamlines the entire referral process from sending the referral to closing the referral loop, for overall profitability.

Speaker / Presenter: Viveak Kandaswamy, Associate Vice President – HealthviewX

Date:April 16th 2019

Time:10 AM PT