Provide Uninterrupted Care for Your Chronic Patients & Maintain Cash Flow Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, loss of outpatient (OP) volumes is creating a strain on balance sheets for US hospitals. Chronic Care Management Program is a great opportunity for healthcare practices to maintain cash flow amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s why

  • In the US, 25% of adults have at least two chronic conditions

  • Multiple chronic conditions are responsible for 75% of typical primary care visits

  • About 71% of total healthcare spend in the US is associated with care for Americans with chronic condition

  • Help your Chronic Patients receive care from home and minimize their risk of contracting the virus

  • Implementing CCM services will not only improve patient care, increase patient satisfaction but also help generate a recurring revenue stream for the practice

In this 45 minute webinar, learn how HealthViewX CCM solution has helped practices like yours effectively provide CCM services and get reimbursed for the time spent in providing non-face-to-face care for qualified CCM enrolled patients.

Presenter:Viveak K, AVP – HealthViewX

Date:April 28th, 2020

Time:10 AM PT