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HealthViewX Healthcare Orchestration Technology Platform

We help healthcare providers orchestrate care continuum pathways and enhance the experience of patients, providers, and communities.

Your Care Pathways, The Patient’s Way!

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HealthViewX Healthcare Orchestration Technology Platform

HealthViewX Platform Statistics*

We continue to add value to the healthcare community by orchestrating care pathways and touching more lives.

Hope Platform
  • 2,150,810

  • 557,484

  • 970,084

  • 152,644

  • 12,554

  • 632

  • 48

  • 84,186

Hope Platform
  • 646,324

  • 72,965

  • 86

Hope Platform
  • 486,060

  • 718,693

  • 3,085

* Updated on May 30th 2023

Value-based Care Application Suite for Healthcare

Patient Referral Management software

Referral Management

Stop referral leakage, reduce loss of potential revenue and operational cost. Capture, manage, and track referrals efficiently and reduce time on processing referrals.
Chronic Care Management Medicare

Chronic Care Management

Accelerate revenue growth by simplifying your CCM workflow. Create patient-specific care plans, generate reports and improve efficiency by automating documentation.
Principal Care Management Medicare

Principal Care Management

Develop disease-specific care plans for improved health outcomes. Track the time spent managing a patient’s single high-risk condition.
Remote patient Monitoring Medicare

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track and assess chronic patient's health vital data in a virtual setting seamlessly thereby reducing emergency department visits and hospitalizations.
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Medicare

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Monitor and collect non-physiologic data of patients utilizing medical devices and seamlessly bill for Medicare RTM services.
Transitional Care Management Medicare

Transitional Care Management

Reduce unnecessary readmissions. Assist patients with transition from hospital to a community-based setting for 30 days after discharge.
Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Software

Annual Wellness Visit

Promote preventive health care by addressing gaps in the care process. Keep patients as healthy as possible while reducing overall costs.
Medicare Advance Care Planning Software

Advance Care Planning

Document common end-of-life discussions with patients or surrogate including living wills, durable power of attorney, organ and tissue donation, etc.
Behavioral Health Integration Medicare

Behavioral Health Integration

Integrate behavioral health care into primary care seamlessly. Boost remission and recovery rates for patients with behavioral health issues.
Medicare Alcohol Overuse Screening and Brief Counseling Software

Alcohol Overuse Screening

Streamline Medicare Alcohol Overuse Screening and Brief Counseling with accurate eligibility checks and patient-centric questionnaires.
Virtual Clinic Software Platform for Healthcare e-Visits

Virtual Clinic

Boost care accessibility and transform your clinic, attract more patients, and thrive in the digital healthcare era.
Telehealth Software


Activate virtual appointments for providing quality care remotely. Enable provider collaboration from the onset of a condition to improve health outcomes.
Pain Management Software Platform

Pain Management

Establish more meaningful connections with your patients throughout their chronic pain journey, keeping healthcare in motion.
Digital Health Care Management

Digital Health Management

Collaborative monitoring and patient-generated health data to improve patient outcomes. Monitor patient vitals for better care management and reduce cost of care.
Patient Engagement and Communication Software Platform

Patient Engagement

Improve operational efficiencies by enhancing patient communication. Transform care delivery model that emphasizes quality and outcomes.
Patient Health Mobile App

Sync+ Patient Mobile App

Empower patients to own their health. Enable users to monitor and track pain levels, treatments, rehabilitation, moods, and more.
HealthBridge Healthcare Interoperability Engine

HealthBridge Interoperability

Communicate the patient data securely between multiple health information systems. A seamless way to orchestrate data across the continuum of care!

Why Should You Choose HealthViewX

HealthViewX leverages its patented Healthcare Orchestration Platform to seamlessly align and personalize the experience of the patient, provider, and community. A seamless way to deliver Value-based Care!

HealthViewX - Healthcare Digital Transformation Partner for Delivering Value based care
  • HIPAA and GDPR Compliant Software

    HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

    Continued compliance with HIPAA & GDPR data privacy standards

  • HITRUST CSF Compliant Software

    HITRUST CSF Certified

    Hosted in a HITRUST CSF Certified environment

  • Web-based Healthcare Apps

    Cloud-based Apps

    Accessible over a secure cloud network allowing scalability

  • User Friendly Health App

    User Friendly

    Simple & intuitive interface for enhanced user experience

  • Actionable-Insights for Healthcare

    Actionable Insights

    Advanced dashboard & reports for informed decision making

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