Behavioral Health Integration

Improve your patients' mental health outcomes, streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Tap into the General BHI Services for recurring revenue streams and achieve your clinical goals profitably.

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Behavioral health conditions are extremely common, affecting nearly one in five Americans

Why HealthViewX Behavioral Health Integration

Automates the entire behavioral health care management process including the scheduling and documentation of non-face-to-face services provided under both general BHI and CoCM models of care.

HealthViewX automates your entire behavioral health care management workflow - from enrolling the patient, performing initial assessments, creating care plans and tracking monthly care calls to generating reports needed for billing requirements. This includes supporting documentation for general BHI CPT code 99484.

How It Works:

Medicare General BHI Services for behavioral health conditions includes

  • Initial assessment or follow-up monitoring, including the use of applicable validated rating scales
  • Behavioral health care planning in relation to behavioral/psychiatric health problems, including revision for patients who are not progressing or whose status changes
  • Facilitating and coordinating treatment such as psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, counseling and/or psychiatric consultation
  • Continuity of care with a designated member of the care team

Eligible Conditions:

Eligible conditions for General BHI Services include any mental, behavioral health, or psychiatric condition being treated by the billing practitioner, including substance use disorders, that, in the clinical judgment of the billing practitioner, warrants BHI services. The diagnosis could be either pre-existing or made by the billing practitioner and may be refined over time.

Beneficiaries may, but are not required to have, comorbid, chronic, or other medical condition(s) that are being managed by the billing practitioner.

Key Features:

Our easy to use software helps provider organizations grow their revenues through General BHI Services and manage more patients through efficient workflow automation and staff utilization.

  • Patient-centered BHI Care Plan

    Patient-centered BHI Care Plan

  • Screening Assessment & Monitoring

    Screening Assessment & Monitoring

  • Smart-Appointment-Reminders

    Smart Appointment Reminders

  • Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy Progress Notes

  • Automated-BHI

    Automated BHI Billing Reports

  • Telehealth

    Telehealth / Telepsychiatry

  • Configurable

    Configurable Workflows

  • Data-Analysis-bhi

    Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Integrated-Health

    Integrated Health Ecosystem

Medicare Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Reimbursement Codes:

Treating (Billing) Practitioner – A physician or non-physician practitioner (PA, NP, CNS, CNM); typically primary care, but may be of another specialty (for example, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry).

  • CPT Code 99484
  • At least 20 minutes of clinical staff time per calendar month
  • Directed by a Physician or other qualified healthcare professional time
  • $48

FQHCs/RHCs can bill for General Behavioral Health Integration Services by adding the general care management G code, G0511.

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