Healthcare Orchestration Platform Engine

The ultimate Value-based Care application suite to engage and "WOW" your patients at every step of their journey.

The future of Clinical Care Orchestration is here!

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Healthcare Orchestration Platform Engine

HealthViewX’s HOPE - Your Care Pathways, The Patient's Way! The future of healthcare through digital transformation enabled by radically interoperable data and secure platforms.

Healthcare Orchestration Technology Platform

EHR/EMR Integration

HealthViewX's interoperability technology, HealthBridge, enables secure exchange of data bi-directionally between HealthViewX application and any number of Electronic Health Record systems that need to be integrated.

HealthBridge offers EHR vendors scalable infrastructure that extends EHR integration capabilities to any third-party software across all standards and formats. It supports all the modes of integration including HL7, APIs, FHIR, CCDA, Direct DB, etc. to read as well as write the data back into the EHRs seamlessly.

EHR Integration

HealthBridge Interoperability Engine

HealthBridge is our proprietary Interoperability Engine that solves the data liquidity problem across multiple health information systems like EHR/EMR, PMS, LIS, Wearables, Schedulers, etc.

A seamless way to orchestrate data across the continuum of care!

Healthcare Data Interoperability Platform

HealthViewX Plugin Manager

HealthViewX has an inbuilt Plugin Manager that has the capability to interact with any third party software within the application. It hosts a bunch of pre-built plugins including

Evidence-based Outcomes

HealthViewX’s Omni-channel Care Engagement platform makes every patient-provider interaction a moment of WOW! Propel your practice efficiency like never before.


Referral Processing Time Improvement


Enrolment Conversion from Total Population


Referral Leakage Reduction


CCM Billing from Total Population


Reduction in Incomplete Referrals


Referral Conversion Ratio Improvement


Reduction in Phone Calls from Patients


Referral Loop Closure Improvement

Medicare Extension Programs Under One Roof

Never worry about working with multi-vendors to deliver your Medicare extension programs. Manage and deliver all your Medicare extension Care Management Programs from a single unified interface on the HealthViewX care orchestration platform.

We empower providers to improve patient care and maximize recurring revenue while enabling practices to expand to other Medicare extension programs. As the CMS program requirements evolve, we enhance our applications and service functions as well.

Medicare Care Programs under one roof

Proprietary Technology Platform

Our ambitious team is committed to bringing cutting edge first of its kind technology applications that address the interoperability crisis in healthcare.

HealthViewX has successfully patented its key new-age technological applications with the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO).

3 New Patents In-Progress

Multichannel Referral Consolidation

To consolidate all the referrals coming into the application from disparate sources

Patient Tagging

Patients can be tagged and conversations can happen around the specific patient for historical overview

Golden Record for Care Orchestration

Centralized repository for storing patient records which can be accessed by any provider/patient

HealthViewX Value Proposition

HealthViewX Value Proposition
HealthViewX Value Proposition
HealthViewX Value Proposition
HealthViewX Value Proposition