Remote Patient Monitoring

Empowering care providers to effortlessly monitor the health vitals of patients in a virtual setting.

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Significance of RPM in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has heightened the importance of virtual care platforms. RPM has the true potential to enhance the quality of patient care and gives them an advantage in the fight against COVID-19. HealthViewX can assist providers to seamlessly implement virtual solutions such as RPM into their practice.

Chronic Care Management

Why choose HealthViewX Remote Patient Monitoring?

HealthViewX RPM platform helps providers transform their practice, and keep up with the radical changes in the healthcare industry. It empowers connected care by expanding care expertise beyond the care setting. The platform also gives care providers the opportunity to increase their revenue by optimizing their patient outreach.

Our HIPAA compliant Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring software goes beyond data integration and automation to bring true value by leveraging analytics to improve your clinical outcomes. HealthViewX RPM, the new standard!

EHR Integration

Key Benefits of the HealthViewX RPM Platform

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Unique_Care_Plans

    Unique Care Plans

    Disease condition-based custom care plan creation

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Automated_Timer

    Automated Timer

    Generate reports for CMS billing based on time spent

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Patient_Enrollment

    Quick Enrollment

    Seamless flow for enrollment of patients to RPM

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Patient_Health_Progress_Insights

    Smart Insights

    Analyze patient health data to make informed decisions

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Unique_Care_Plans

    Realtime Tracking

    Monitor and observe progress on patient health vitals

  • HealthViewX_RPM_CCM_Concurrency

    CCM Concurrency

    Enroll/bill for CCM and RPM services simultaneously

Comprehensive Feature Set


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Real-time Data Sync through Device Integration

Assign and Manage the Connected Health Devices

Form Automation - Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Consent

Record Patient Health Vitals and Maintain Service Logs

Self Guided Approach for RPM Enrollment and Recording

Patient Health Vitals - Threshold Setting and Recording

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Medicare Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) Reimbursement Codes

Physicians and qualified healthcare professionals use current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for billing RPM services and procedures.


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