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Are you a healthcare provider who is looking to improve your patients’ clinical experience and outcomes, and your practice’s revenue…at no cost? This plan is for you!

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We offer a basic version of our HealthViewX Care Orchestration platform to users at no cost for two months, and up to 30 patients can be onboarded. Sign-up to see how we can help you,

  • Manage your patients’ health and outcomes
  • Seamlessly get reimbursed for suitable care programs
  • Generate reports and analytics to track your patients’ progress, practice’s efficiency, and team’s productivity

To begin, submit the signup form. Upon validating your request, our team will revert within 2 business days to get you up and running!

A step up from Freemium, HealthViewX’s Premium

Freemium users can upgrade anytime to the Premium plan which includes additional features such as,

  • Onboarding an unlimited number of your patients onto the platform
  • A dedicated customer support team 24*7, inclusive of user training and troubleshooting
  • Branding, white-labeling, and workflow customization
  • Ability to customize dashboard widgets, reports, and notifications
  • Adding an unlimited number of users and facilities
  • Access to 86 predefined care plan templates
  • Integration with 3rd party applications such as EMRs, devices, soft-phones, PMS, etc.

Reach out to us at to learn more.


1. For how long is the Freemium Plan valid?

The Freemium Plan will remain valid for a period of 2 months from the start date. In this time period, up to 30 patients can be on-boarded onto the platform.

2. What is included in the Freemium plan?
  • Access to a basic version of our HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform with the solution of your choice and requirement
    • User Management
    • One or Multiple Transaction Module(s) Subscribed (CCM/PCM, etc.,)
    • Basic Dashboards & Reports
    • Master Data Management
  • A user guide/manual
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard (default setting, without customizations)
  • Access to 10 predefined care plan templates
  • Digital timer and seamless report generation for reimbursements
  • Ability to onboard up to 30 patients
3. Are there any restrictions to the Freemium plan?

The following aspects and features will be restricted,

  • The Plan will remain active for a period of 2 months, from the start date
  • Provision to create custom dashboards widgets and reports
  • Access to Role Management and other Admin Features
  • Only default reporting templates and notifications
  • Only up to 30 patients can be on-boarded onto the platform
  • Avail 10 out of 86 care plan templates
  • Limited customer support and user training
  • No branding, white-labeling, or workflow customizations
4. What happens after I sign-up for the Freemium Plan?

Our team will share the login information for you to access your Freemium Plan within 1-2 business days of signing up.

5. What happens once my Freemium Plan comes to an end?

At the end of the Plan (or even prior to the end of the Plan), the user can opt to switch to a Premium subscription plan, which includes onboarding an unlimited number of patients, amongst several other perks.

6. How do I switch from the Freemium to a Premium Plan?

Please reach out to our Client Partners at, and our team will be happy to assist.

7. What happens to my patient data once my Freemium plan has been suspended?

Patient data will be retained for 30 business days following which, it will be removed, and the associated accounts will be deleted permanently. Upon request, HealthViewX can export and share the data in an excel or .csv format.

8. What happens to my prior patient data when I want to switch from Freemium to Premium?

Prior patient data can be retained in your Premium version and services rendered can be continued from where it was left.

Please reach out to us at and our team will be happy to assist.