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Automate your end-to-end referral process for better patient experience, improved staff efficiency, and reduced patient leakage.

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Why HealthViewX Inbound Referral Management Solution

HealthViewX is an advanced modular low-code platform that enables seamless end-to-end automated workflows and helps streamline your referral process to improve patient experience and strengthen your referral network.

Orchestrate a brilliant care experience for your patients, providers, and communities you serve.

processing outbound patient referrals with HealthViewX referral+

Key Features

Referral Capture and Identification

Capture, consolidate, view, and track referrals from multiple sources (fax, web, emails, phone, walk-ins, etc) in one single queue for processing, and ensure no referral is missed.

User-Centric Workflow Customization

Customize referral workflow with multiple automation touchpoints depending on the provider requirement and enable role-based user access for different stakeholders involved.

Referral Coordination Framework

Notify referring providers on the submission of referrals and notify patients on referral prerequisites for the appointment and keep all the stakeholders engaged throughout the process.

Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Eliminate phone calls and reduce the time spent on follow-ups through automated notifications and reminders and thus reduce no-show rates.

Real-Time Tracking & Timeline View

Track all your referrals in real-time to gain better insights, use the timeline to understand the progress/status of each referral.

Intuitive Dashboards

Get an aerial view of what’s happening in the referral process, know the referral status and other required metrics through a fully customizable dashboard.

Export Referral Data & Reports

Generate reports and get actionable data insights through a smart analytical engine for informed decision making.
Referral-Capture-and-Identification with HealthViewX referral+
processing inbound patient referrals with HealthViewX referral plus
Referral-Coordination-Framework in HealthViewX referral+
Appointment-Scheduling-Reminders with HealthViewX referral plus
Real-Time-Tracking-Timeline-View with HealthViewX referral+
Intuitive-Dashboards with HealthViewX referral plus
Export-Referral-Data-Reports with HealthViewX referral plus

Key Features

A Large University in Chicago Experienced a 45% Reduction in Referral Processing Time

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Out-of-box Benefits

Reduced operational cost

Reduces overall operational cost by cutting down administrative costs & additional staffing.

Improved operational efficiency

Helps reduce time spent on processing referrals and increase the productivity of your referral coordinators.

Improved care coordination

Send notifications & appointment reminders. Provide timely care, reduce wait times, improve referral completion rate, and patient experience.

Reduced referral leakage

Track & manage referrals effectively, reduce leakage. Use data and analytics to learn where the leakage happens for further action.

Reduced documentation & processing time

Eliminate paper-based tasks by digitizing and automating end-to-end referral documentation.

Streamlined referral lifecycle management

Simplify your referral process, and have more time to focus on patients.

A Dental Specialty Clinic from Ohio Experienced 25% Increase in the Efficiency of Referral Coordinators

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