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Challenges in Traditional Care Setting

Traditional Healthcare is transactional, hard to provide with limited patient engagement outside the clinical setup. Other challenges the providers face include,


New Vital Stats

  • 40%

  • 52%

  • 68%

  • 65%

  • 44%

  • 49%

  • 54%

Source: 2020 Healthcare Consumer Experience Study by Forrester Consulting

HealthViewX - A new-age Digital Health Management

There is a global need for a cutting-edge digital Chronic and Post-Acute Care Management system and we, at HealthViewX, have built just that! HealthViewX combines technological innovation with transformation services to give patients the care they need, when and where they need it.

Our smart, intuitive, and user-friendly digital care ecosystem enables the clinical service provider to

  • Personalize Care Plans based on the underlying health status
  • Track key parameters including Vitals, Activities, Sleep, Medication Compliance, Pain, and much more
  • Alert Threshold Breaches
  • Retrieve relevant patient records during patient cross-referrals
  • Synchronizes data in a meaningful way to leverage analytics

HealthViewX DHM Platform

  •   Intuitive Analytics in Real-time
  •   Personalized Care Plan
  •   Patient and Disease Management
  •   Medication Tracking and Compliance

How It Works

SYNC+ For Provider's Success
Patient-Specific Care Plan
Role based Patient Data Access Management
Secure Platform for Patient-Provider Communication
Quality Dashboard
FIT+ For Patient's Success
Wearable Devices Integration
Patient-Generated Health Information
Food Journal
Pain and Vital tracker

What We Also Offer

Personalized digital care ecosystems for over 70 plus disease conditions including


Key Benefits:

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