Referral Management

Referral Management


Adapting to changing healthcare space

Receive Referrals coming from any source

HealthViewX solution integrates with your softphones, eFax and website to bring all referrals in one single queue. HVX has developed EMR/EHR print option so that your network PCPs can print files directly to your practice without having to integrate.

Different practitioners using different EHR systems mean it is almost impossible to securely transfer patient data leading to inconvenience and repeated efforts

Integrate with EMR/EHR/RIS System

HealthViewX is integrable with your electronic paper charts to gather information, and update referral information.  HealthViewX can also align with scheduler component to communicate precise specialist availability to referring provider.

Referral Tracking / Closing the Loop

Referring providers mostly do not know what happened to a referral they sent. After the referral is sent the PCP is out of touch with the rest of the process, this can have serious repercussions like in-appropriate re-referrals, inefficient care or lack of time bound care, patient dissatisfaction and even malpractice lawsuits. HealthViewX keeps the PCP always on the loop by providing information on the status of referral sent and a secure channel to share notes and documents.

Timeline View

Each action by a specialist against a referral is recorded in a chronological order for documentation and future reference. The PCPs can also access the timeline view for referral information, share notes and attach documents to the specialist.

Why it Matters

Porous Network

Only 35-45% of adult inpatient care, as measured by revenue, goes to the partner hospital. That percentage can be even lower for providers with little to no experience managing where their patients receive specialist/hospital care, or under plan designs that do not require referrals.


Lack of Communication

Substantial problems were present in the referral process. The major issues were physician dissatisfaction, lack of timeliness, and inadequate content of inter-physician communication. Information obtained from the general survey and referral-specific survey was congruent. Efforts to improve the referral system could improve both physician satisfaction and quality of patient care.



Faxes, triplicate forms, file copies and provider/staff time spent on processing referral information is costing the practice its profits.



For FQHC & Community Clinics

For Hospitals & Health Systems

For Imaging Centers

For Speciality & Enterprise Hospitals

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