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According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC),

  • 38 M At least 38 million adults in the US drink in excess
  • $224 B Excessive drinking causes about 88,000 deaths in the US each year and costs the economy about $224 billion
  • 1 in 6 Only 1 in 6 adults talk with their doctor, nurse, or other health professional about their drinking
  • 25% Alcohol screening and counseling can reduce the amount consumed by 25% in those who drink too much

HealthViewX Alcohol Screening and Counseling

HealthViewX empowers practices to streamline Medicare Alcohol Overuse Screenings and Brief Counseling with accurate eligibility checks, patient-centric questionnaires, and reporting modules.

Our HIPAA compliant solution is an effective and reliable screening tool for detecting risky and harmful drinking patterns. The screening and counseling reports and the billing summary meeting the Medicare audit requirements can be generated automatically.

  • Increased Reimbursements
  • Improved Health Outcomes
  • Reduced Emergency Visits
  • Improved Practice Efficiency
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs

Why Should You Choose HealthViewX

  • Alcohol Rating Scale

  • CPT Code Generation

  • Patient Consent e-Form

  • Next Visit Indicator

  • Patient-centered Care Plans

  • Reminders for Followups

  • Telehealth / Virtual Care

  • Intuitive Patient Portal

  • Automatic Time Tracker

  • CMS Specific Reports

How Medicare Alcohol Screening and Counseling Works

Alcohol overuse screening and counseling services are provided by health systems including primary care practices, OB/GYN practices, emergency departments, and trauma centers. All adults on Medicare qualify for an annual alcohol misuse screening.

Talking with a patient about their drinking is the first step of screening and brief counseling which involves:

  • Using a set of questions to screen all patients for how much and how often they drink.
  • Counseling patients about the health dangers of drinking too much, including women who are pregnant.
  • Referring only those patients who need specialized treatment for alcohol dependence.
  • Counseling for alcohol misuse must be based on the 5 “A”s (Assess, Advise, Agree, Assist, and Arrange)

Eligibility Criteria for Medicare Alcohol Counseling

If the PCP determines that the patient is eligible for Alcohol Counseling, Medicare will pay for up to four brief counseling sessions every year.

  • A woman under age 65 who has more than 3 drinks at a time or 7 drinks per week
  • A man under age 65 who has more than 4 drinks at a time or 14 drinks per week
  • An individual age 65+ who has more than 3 drinks at a time or 7 drinks per week

Billing Guidelines of Medicare Alcohol Screening and Counseling

Both the screening and counseling services have time elements of 15 minutes, so time should be documented in addition to screening or counseling notes.

  • Code G0442, for alcohol misuse screening, is an annual benefit so at least 11 months must pass between services.
  • Medicare will only pay for up to four G0443 services (brief counseling sessions) within a 12-month period.
  • Medicare will not cover alcohol misuse screenings or counseling received while in an emergency room or during an inpatient hospital stay.
  • Medicare will allow payment for both G0442 and G0443 on the same date (except in RHCs and FQHCs).
  • The national average fee schedule amounts for these services are $17.36 for G0442 and $25.19 for G0443.

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