Launch a secure, simplified Telehealth program to take your practice to the next level!

Virtual appointments enable patients to receive timely care from providers when an in-person visit isn't required or possible.

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Why choose HealthViewX Telehealth?

Our telehealth platform helps health systems to align clinical, financial, and operational goals by providing high-quality remote care and enhancing patient-physician collaborations.

  • For Patients

    Timely care to ensure better health outcome
  • For Providers

    Improved care coordination and patient satisfaction
  • For Community

    Quick access to quality care and reduced spend

Comprehensive Telehealth Platform

  • HealthViewX_RPM_Unique_Care_Plans

    HIPAA Compliant

  • telemedicine_Secure_messaging

    Secure Messaging

  • EHR_PM_integration

    EHR/PM Integration

  • Document_exchange_telemedicine

    Document Exchange

  • telehealth_Virtual_waiting_room

    Virtual Waiting Room

  • Telehealth_platform_record_notes_audio

    Record Notes & Audio

  • Telemedicine_Platform_Password_protect

    Password Protected

  • Telehealth_Appoinment_schedule

    Appointment Scheduler

  • Telemedicine_platform_Video_audio_call_healthviewx

    Video & Audio Call

  • HealthViewX_Telehealth_Platform_Custom_branding

    Custom Branding

  • Telemedicine_group_conferencing

    Group Conferencing

  • E_prescribing_platform_HealthViewX


The Significance of Telehealth in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in an increased workload for healthcare providers across the globe. Incorporating telehealth software into an existing practice can allow providers to virtually connect with patients. This can relieve the strain on practice while introducing an additional revenue stream.

HealthViewX Telehealth Platform, the new standard!


Key Features

Quick Set-Up and Management:

SaaS platform – built on a cloud-based network Secure and HIPAA compliant Custom branding – your logo in the patient facing video tool Integrated software to facilitate multiple use cases

Simple and Patient Friendly:

Patients receive automated emails with a link to the meeting Schedule telemedical appointments by selecting an available time slot from a calendar Syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing Automated reminders and snapshots to see upcoming appointments

Real-time Meeting Analytics:

Tracking real-time insights across your entire healthcare set up Better insights to usage patterns and user preferences Automatically keep track of the date, time, and duration of every session User dashboards to manage all virtual care interactions

Schedule Appointments and Join On the Go:

One-click screen sharing ability to everyone in the meeting Invite participants and add them to any ongoing meeting Share medical documents such as X-Ray, MRI, etc. Secure and HIPAA compliant data sharing platform

One to One Meetings and Webinars:

Efficient user interface for seamless virtual visits and group conferencing Host up to 10,000 participants in a single meeting Accessible call and chat history for all completed meetings Ability to show up to 25 video participants in a single grid view

Chat + Video + Phone:

Built-in collaboration tools. Chat and share the screen simultaneously Ultra-HD video conferencing Share medical files and edit them in real-time Carrier-grade voice and 99.99% uptime

Key Features

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