Meaningful Use Stage 3 - Certification Disclosure

  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 - Drummond Certification
  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 - ONC Health IT 2015 Certification

HealthViewX Referral Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by Drummond Group in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

ONC Health IT 2015 Certification - Real World Testing Plan 2023

ONC Health IT 2015 Certification - Real World Testing Result 2022

ONC Health IT 2015 Certification - Real World Testing Plan 2022

  • Payoda Technology Inc.
  • HealthViewX
  • Electronic Referral Management System
  • 2.0.85
  • Certificate No:
    Date Certified: 10/02/2019
    Effective Date: 2015 Edition
  • None
  • EHR / EMR (Optional)
  • None. Included in the Base Price Base Price Inclusion: One time implementation and an annual subscription fee would be incurred by the user to use the certified software. In addition user shall also incur an integration fee if any third party system integration is required (EMR, Fax, and Email). Functionalities such as Transition of Care via Direct Messaging (170.315(b) (1)), Automatic Measure Calculation (170.315(g) (2)) are attributed to this cost.
  • Provider has to sign the contract in order to purchase the product but the contract does not impose any limitations for the use of certification capability or the data generated by this capability.
  • It is necessary for the provider to engage with the HISP certified direct message provider as the certified version uses Direct Secure Messaging and receiving clinical documents
    HealthViewX Referral Management System can be deployed as a stand-alone system or an integrated system. Stand-alone mode allows users to manually key-in all relevant patient data and attach necessary Summary of Care documents. In the integrated mode, the system facilitates bi-directional data communication with the other system(s) from where relevant patient data will be read/written.
    HealthViewX Referral Management System is integrated with a HISP Certified Direct Message system to facilitate sending and receiving of patient related documents through Direct Secure Messaging (DSM). However, if the client already has a HISP Certified Direct Message system, HealthViewX will integrate with the client specific system only for sending & receiving Direct Secure Messages.