5 Simple Steps to Seal Inbound Patient Referral Leakage!

The biggest challenge hospitals and health systems face is managing their high-volume inbound & outbound patient referrals. Most EMRs do provide referral management as an add-on but they aren’t built to address the key pain points in the referral process.

A systematic referral system integrated with EMRs would streamline the entire process, significantly enhance the communication between patient, referrer & provider, helps achieve higher quality metrics, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced patient/referral leakages.

From this 40 minute session, explore how to

  • streamline and automate your patient referral process

  • consolidate patient referrals from multiple sources into a single queue

  • keep track of patient referrals throughout the referral life cycle

  • boost operational efficiency, enhance patient experience & retain them within your network

Also, learn how to seal Inbound Patient Referral Leakage with a Referral System that complements your EMR.

Presenter:Viveak Kandaswamy, AVP – HealthViewX

Date:January 30th, 2020

Time:10 AM PT