Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring: Key Opportunities & Challenges

Chronic diseases impact 60% of adults in the US, and 4 in 10 Americans have two or more chronic diseases.

CMS’ Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring initiatives can drive down care costs and promote better patient outcomes.

Besides being a step in the right direction for patient care, CCM and RPM programs are a great opportunity for care organizations to generate additional recurring revenue. Also, both RPM and CCM can be billed in the same month which is a testament to RPM’s supplementary nature to CCM.

In this webinar, we will learn the key opportunities and challenges in delivering profitable CCM and RPM services.

Presenter:Meir Vachss, CEO @ Kings County House Calls NP In Family Health PLLC

Date & Time:June 15th, 2022 @ 5 PM ET