Patient Referral Management 101: How to Manage Referrals Like a Pro!

Managing patient referrals from multiple sources is a major challenge today. Most of the hospitals struggle to improve their operational efficiency and streamline their referral process. Manually executing tasks like processing incomplete referrals, appointment scheduling, etc. are cumbersome and siloed, and lack of care coordination often results in poor patient outcomes.

In this webinar, we discussed how to

  • Automate your end-to-end referral workflow process

  • Visualize your referral ecosystem through dashboards and analytics

  • Improve operational efficiency, keep referring providers informed on the referral status and improve the quality of care

Also, see how HealthViewX referral management solution simplifies and streamlines your end-to-end patient referral tracking, enables real-time referral reporting and shows overall profitability.

Presenter:Viveak Kandaswamy, AVP – HealthViewX

Date:May 14th 2020

Time:10 AM PT