Achieving Population Health through Value based Healthcare

The philosophy of healthcare is changing from fee-for-service to value-based, broadly, from treating the disease to treating the patient in a holistic manner. This change of attitude towards healthcare will offset a long-term, far-reaching consequence to closely related industries such as pharmaceuticals, government mechanisms, and regulation, to further the understanding of diseases and academic perception.

The overall idea is to attain better population health, around which the concept of value-based health care arrived. Nowadays a number of technological advancements like healthcare analytics give more clarity than ever before, to accomplish broader goals set for population health.

Providers should extend care beyond the walls, coordinate and communicate with caregivers to realize care quality.

Patient tracking

Tracking patients in real time after discharge, allows providers to monitor progress and provide care in a favorable environment. Patient tracking technology has been around for a while, but the data transfer between systems has always been the key challenge.

Healthcare professionals must select a reliable system to transfer data, as any wrong system is not only useless, but also costs the providers time and money, and can be a deterrent to care quality.

HIPAA compliant cloud storage

Internet of things and connected health devices has brought forth the mammoth amount of data to be extrapolated and assessed. With CMS promoting provider associations and collaborations at each level, it is no longer practical to store all the data in an onsite server.

It is simple and convenient to access patient information from multiple locations hosted on the cloud, however, threats associated with data security also increase proportionately.
Despite promises on cloud data storage, many providers are reluctant to completely accept this alternative. Hackers pose a real danger to cloud computing, and more so in case of the health industry. In 2015 alone, millions of sensitive patient information and other data was stolen from the servers.

To mitigate the dangers of such loss or theft of patient data from the cloud, all technology employed should comply with the HIPAA regulations to ensure the maximum level of data safety.

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