DPRP And Diabetes Care Management

The United States has been seeing a significant increase in the rate of newly diagnosed diabetes over the past decade. Diabetes will change the total lifestyle of a person. Once you get it, you have to bear with it throughout your lifetime. Diabetes ranks seventh in the list of the world’s most killing diseases. Though it is quite well-known most of the Americans are still not fully aware of the consequences of diabetes.

More than 29 million Americans are currently surviving with diabetes and three fourth of American adults are having prediabetes. Prediabetes is a health condition that has the high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which without immediate attention and health counseling may lead to heart attack and strokes.

American Diabetes Association has estimated that every year over $322 billion is spent to treat diabetes and prediabetes. Every year more people get added to diabetes population list yet the good news is that type 2 diabetes is completely preventable. Prevention can be made by engaging prediabetes patients with a good medical care plan, creating awareness and education, and by involving each of them in their own care.

DPRP and Diabetes Disease Management

The peril of diabetes has a huge impact and it is right to say prevention of diabetes needs more attention than ever before. So the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established the CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program(DPP). The center is pioneered to spread awareness about diabetes, and to find people with prediabetes condition to involve them in a lifestyle intervention program concerning to reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

To make this program a success it requires active participants. However, if people are less interested it is difficult to accomplish. DPRP will recognize organizations who can provide lifestyle intervention to prediabetes people. Also, these organizations have to report to CDC every year. The key reasons for organizations adopting Diabetes Disease Management Program in practices are to better clinical outcomes, reducing medical costs and utilization, and improving patient satisfaction.

Educating patients using evidence-based practice guidelines, and providing assistance to prevent complications will substantially reduce the utilization cost. This program also encourages people’s participation in self-management. Self-care is much needed because no two diabetic people can follow the same medication process. Each individual patient has to be treated one other way.

Why diabetic patient needs more care?

A study states that half of type 2 affected diabetes individuals are above 60 years of age with the highest ratio found in above 80 years age group, and this number is expected to multiple doubles within few years. This aged population requires good caretakers (like practitioner nurses or care coordinators).

Diabetic patients need daily monitoring, frequent changes in diet plan and care plan, periodic blood glucose test, proper maintenance of reports and all these tasks require quite a lot of human efforts. A good Care Management Tool will ease the process only when health providers choose the best one from the market.

Simple solution for better heal

With technology in hand, providers can bring miracles in patient’s life. Alerts, notification, e-consult, tracking, feedback and lot more features are readily available as a simple integrated solution. The Providers just have to pick up one right suitable management software to make use of it.

Wouldn’t it be useful if a software intimates a physician if there is any change in the patient’s blood glucose level, allows the physician to immediately reach to that patient to identify the reason for rising in glucose level, create and push the care plan to respective care coordinators and make changes in diet plan? It not only improves immediate care but also reduces costs, patient wait time, and more importantly it helps to avoid emergency room visits.

Our HealthViewX DPRP Solution is one such simple software designed to bring a better change in patient health and to ease the work of health professionals.