Era of A Personalized Care

Humans differ in terms of DNA & Genome Composition. This factor may not necessarily surface as a disorder or a disability but will create variations in the manner each person responds to drugs and treatment for a disease or a condition. In any given population, there is a chance that a group exists who do not respond to any given medication in the desired manner.

Personalized medicine is the practice of designing and conducting medicine tailored to suit an individual patient’s needs with procedures, drugs and treatment approaches. Personalized medicine has been the war cry for many healthcare reformists for decades, but now there is more likelihood of the general healthcare practice widely adopting the idea because of the following reasons.

Change in regulation
Change in attitude
Healthcare technology
The current model is ineffective

Change in regulations:

The US healthcare regulations are changing giving way to implement the new methodology of care delivery and management. The provider reimbursement is being made flexible allowing healthcare professionals the space to adopt their practice for the benefit of each individual. Change in regulations also will lead way to alterations in the structure of organizations; the organizations will be revamped to be more collaborative and serve a population that is demanding quality and services that match any other industry’s methodology.

Change in attitude:

Providers of today have many tools at their disposal and partially due to this reason providers are more willing to embrace change and improve the lives of those whom they serve. The complexity that the modern medicine requires and the practice of handling a large amount of data is almost impossible to manage and generate result without healthcare IT.

Healthcare Technology:

Healthcare Technology is improving and evolving tremendously, allowing both providers and the patients not only to keep track but actively engage in Care Management. The data that is collected by connected devices and the quality of information that is gathered by hospital systems allows for an in-depth analysis of healthcare conditions and concerns.
For those not residing in cities, Healthcare IT means fast care with the focus on those suffering from chronic conditions. In personalized medicine, Healthcare IT can be used to gather personal information and monitor the effects of treatment and medication, and also play as a channel to direct personalized care.

The current model is inefficient:

The current model is inefficient and rigid to incorporate the necessary changes that need to be made to accommodate all the variations required in care delivery. The results are varying and the outcome cannot be accurately predicted. The healthcare sector now works under the assumption that reaction to a medication or procedure is the same for every individual. This is a risky assumption and one which is costing the public their health and money.

Personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, it is the next big idea that is going to shape healthcare delivery for the times to come incorporating technology. We at HealthViewX understand this, and we are determined to create healthcare delivery tools that collect useful patient information to help providers make choose the right path always.

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