Migrate from CareSync to HealthViewX

Important information for CareSync clients

Migrate seamlessly and effectively from CareSync to HealthViewX Chronic Care Management Solution.

Safe, seamless and rapid migration to HealthViewX can be completed in just four quick steps. Our team of technical and functional experts will assist you in every step below.

  1. Provide HVX with the required access to the CareSync data
  2. HealthViewX mapper will automatically map the CareSync data and make it compatible to use immediately
  3. Import data and set up user accounts on HealthViewX
  4. Continue CCM service from where you left it

What is HealthViewX?

The HealthViewX end-to-end Care Orchestration Platform guides healthcare organizations through its entire care journey by

  • Enabling data-driven decision support and
  • Providing real-time insights of patient-reported data to promote better care delivery.

The platform enables secure communication of patient information and remote monitoring of patient vitals to improve participation and create an interoperable ecosystem for care delivery. The API friendly, cloud-hosted HealthViewX is architected to help piece together disparate sources of patient information like various EMR and EHR systems without compromising on security.

Unique Features:

  1. Automate CCM documentation process with HealthViewX web-based Chronic Care Solution
  2. HealthViewX CCM solution is secure. HIPAA Compliant Platform hosted in cloud server with in-built features lets you define the access and also have user-specific access conditions.
  3. Create condition specific and comprehensive care plan for each patient for better care coordination. Simplify and streamline workflow to guide telenurses in creating a care plan.
  4. Hosted in cloud servers, HealthViewX CCM solution is extremely scalable to meet the requirements of any operative size and our pay-per-user pricing model keeps overhead cost minimal and manageable.
  5. The dashboard gives detailed actionable insights for better care coordination with patients.

With a secure, fast and seamless transition to HealthViewX, you will be able to continue offering chronic care management services effectively. Our team of experts is concerned about this sudden and brief disruption and guarantees you a smooth transition from CareSync to HealthViewX.