HealthViewX launches Patient Engagement Platform

Plano, Texas
October 5, 2021

HealthViewX, a leading global healthcare technology company, announced the launch of its smart integrated Patient Engagement Platform that empowers providers to deliver bi-directional conversational messaging at every digital touchpoint of the patient journey.

The integrated Patient Engagement and Communication solution seamlessly aligns and personalizes the experience of the patient throughout the care journey with multiple automation touchpoints. In short, the practices can seamlessly engage with patients to enable proactive positive health behaviors.HealthViewX Patient Engagement and Communication Platform

With this HIPAA compliant two-way interactive communication platform, providers can effortlessly engage patients on a variety of activities including appointment reminders, alert notifications, feedback surveys, practice newsletters, educational content, perioperative instructions, information about special events like screenings, vaccination drives, etc.

PeP is a transparent and optimal communication solution that drives

  • Improved patient care through enhanced patient-provider engagement
  • Optimized access to quality clinical care 
  • Omnichannel communication to reduce preoperative anxiety and stress
  • Increased patient advocacy and retention
  • Increased operational efficiency through the elimination of people-intensive manual processes
  • Reduced no-shows or late cancellations

“A common refrain we hear from our clinical partners was the significant challenges in extending patient engagement, dialogue, and support beyond the confines of the traditional care delivery setting. The outcome of these conversations is, “PeP” a first of its kind patient-centric omnichannel digital ecosystem that optimizes patient engagement by allowing curated personalized content and care pathways to be delivered the patient’s way. We believe PeP will significantly elevate patient engagement and ownership of their health journeys”, said Subbiah Viswanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthViewX.

Building a hyper engaged Patient-Provider relationship just got easier. Visit our page for more info.

About HealthViewX: (A Payoda Technology, Inc. Company)

HealthViewX is an end-to-end care orchestration technology company that enables superior convenience and seamless integration of the clinical and service experience of patients, physicians, and provider entities by leveraging its proprietary software platform and comprehensive solution portfolio.

Its digital transformation moonshot is aimed at building a human-centric healthcare ecosystem to change the patient experience and enhance the provider-patient partnership. HealthViewX is a spin-off from parent company Payoda Technology, Inc., and is headquartered in the U.S., with offices in major cities across the world. For more information, visit