Pros and Cons of Patient Referral Management Software: All you need to know

Advantages of HealthViewX patient referral management software

  1. Inbound and Outbound Patient Referrals – HealthViewX Referral Management Solution can integrate with both the receiving and referring end. For inbound referrals, it helps in channelizing various sources into one single queue. In the case of outbound referrals, it facilitates integration with the existing system to read the patient data and send out referrals.
  2. Referral Timeline – Any referral has a timeline, to capture and notify the progress of the referral to all the stakeholders. A referral will be mapped to a status which helps in tracking it better. With this, the providers can always be aware of how the referral is progressing.
  3. Workflow and Task Management – A workflow can be defined on how the referral flow must be(business rules – who sends it, to whom, what data must be included). Tasks can be created to manage referrals by assigning it to the respective person.
  4. Improved communication – HealthViewX Referral Management Solution supports messaging and calling features for the referring and the receiving providers to stay connected.
  5. Data Management – HealthViewX is HIPAA compliant and enables secure data exchange of all patient-related documents.
  6. Seamless Integration – Minimal disruption in the existing referral flow by integrating with any EMR/EHR/RIS or Third Party application.
  7. Referral History Consolidation – The consolidated data regarding the referrals and the referral history of any patient can be printed as a hard copy at any time in pdf/excel.
  8. Smart Search – HealthViewX Referral Management solution has a smart search facility that helps in finding the right provider for the treatment required.
  9. Referral Data Analytics – Referral data-centric dashboard gives a complete view of incoming and outgoing referral pipeline, referral volume, referral status, patient follow-ups, etc.
  10. Insurance Pre-authorization – HealthViewX supports automated insurance pre-authorization that reduces the manual work of the referral coordinators and saves 10 minutes of manual work per patient.
  11. Intelligent Provider Match – The solution supports an “Intelligent Provider Match” Feature that helps in finding the right specialist/imaging center easily based on the diagnosis, relevance, location, distance, patient preference.
  12. Seamless communication – HealthViewX solution has an inbuilt audio calling and messaging application which is secure and enables faster communication
  13. HIPAA compliant data security – HealthViewX is HIPAA compliant and offers secure data exchange. It supports almost all formats of files and keeps the patient documents safe.
  14. Referral loop closure – Referral updates are hard to miss making it easier for timely referral loop closure.

Disadvantages of patient referral management software and the hindrance to its usage

  1. Capital investment: Depending on the number of referrals processed and the size of the referral network, healthcare organizations are billed quarterly or annually. This is an additional recurring expense.
  2. Misunderstanding that ‘EMRs are enough’. With EMR implementation being widespread across the USA, its acceptability is increasing. Most health care organizations that have gone through the process of evaluating, comparing different EMR/EHR management systems, choosing, implementing and training their staff on its usage are wary of repeating the process. They definitely see benefits from using EHR systems and feel the satisfaction of process improvement more than the urge to improve further.
  3. Mindset – Psychologically organizations are more open to EMR EHR implementation than patient referral software and often compare the two rather than evaluate wholesome benefits.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management solution smoothens the referral process and solves most of the inbound and outbound referral challenges for Large Enterprise Hospitals. Do you want to know more about HealthViewX HIPAA compliant Patient Referral Management solution? Schedule a demo with us.