Referral Management Software For Referral Inbound-Heavy Practices

In a year, practices receive 15 billion fax referrals in the USA. Practices receive referrals through fax, online forms, direct messaging, email, virtual print, direct walk-ins, and other channels. An imaging center or specialty practice or a dental center is a high inbound referral setup. Thousands of referrals flow in every day. So they need an effective referral management solution to manage the increasing inbound referral rates.

Traditional referral process in a dental center

In a dental center, a referral coordinator has to receive, accept and process the referral requests. The referral coordinator has to manually key in and create a referral, include all the patient information into the EMR/EHR/RIS. The referral coordinator takes around half an hour to process a referral request. The rate of processing is very slow. The referral coordinator finds it difficult to process even 20 referral faxes in a day. It results in piling up requests that are not yet processed. The referral coordinator is at loss trying to contact the referring provider for missing information. Patient referral leakage also becomes imminent.

Consequences of a slow referral network

  • The dental center loses its revenue they do not process referrals on time.
  • Providers stop referring the center thereby harming its reputation.
  • Patients may have severe illness and may need immediate attention. The waiting time may affect their health.

Problems faced

  • Handling many referrals manually in a short period.
  • Varied sources of referral make it difficult to get a comprehensive data about the referrals flowing in.
  • Limited referral information makes it difficult for the referral coordinator to proceed with the diagnosis.
  • It takes a lot of time for the dental center to contact the referring provider for clarifications.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management solution at your aid

Patient Referral Management is complicated not only by the different sources but also by trying to manage all the referrals manually. The current referral management is no way close to the increasing demands of the referral process. Its inability to communicate between the referring and the receiving ends makes it slow and non-feasible. Relying on EHR/EMR/RIS for managing referrals makes it a costly affair and does not fulfill the current requirements.

Electronic Referral Management has been creating buzz for some time. Many applications are looking to solve the referral process issues. Before choosing one, a practice must consider the following aspects.

  • Simplify data sources – Capable of handling numerous referrals from various sources and bringing it to a platform from where it can be processed.
  • Data security – Sensitive patient data must be secured and protected.
  • Data Analytics – Complete analytics of the referrals flowing in, processed, missed etc.
  • Timeline View – To know the history of the referral and to what status it is attached to.
  • Integration with scheduler – To schedule appointments for the patients.
  • HIPAA Compliant – Secure data exchange of patient sensitive documents.

Any dental center receives a number of referral requests in a day. The referrals usually have an attachment in pdf form which will be not editable. They will have a form that has to be filled out with the details given in the referral. HealthViewX Patient  Referral Management comes to play here. Using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) the information from the referral will be read and the form is prefilled with the required details. Now the referral coordinator can just validate the details and create a referral and assign it for further action. The referral information can also be channelized based on the request of the user for eg: Two referrals forms can be filled in if it concerns people in different locations. The solution can be integrated with EMR/EHR/RIS and can write the updated information back the system used by them.

Problems Addressed

  • Single Referral Workflow Queue Consolidation – It collects Fax, Phone, Email, Website form referrals and manages them in a single interface. This helps in managing the referrals better.
  • Timeline View – Both the center and the PCP can view the timeline data of the patient in which the referral history is present. The referring and receiving providers can attach documents and notes at any time for one another’s reference.
  • To and fro Communication – At any time of the referral process, the PCP and the center can communicate with the help of the inbuilt secure messaging and voice call applications.
  • Referral Data Consolidation – It has options for printing the consolidated data about the referrals and the referral history of any patient as a hard copy at any time in pdf/excel.
  • Secure Data Management – HealthViewX Patient Referral Management is HIPAA compliant. It manages all patient-related documents securely.
  • Referral Analytics – Helps in tracking the number of referrals and gives complete information about the referrals processed, missed, scheduled etc with the help of a Referral Data-centric Dashboard.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management solution helps dental centers in managing their referral network and increasing their revenue. Are you a dental center looking to track your inbound referrals very effectively? To know about HealthViewX Patient Referral Management System in detail schedule a demo with our team.