Does A Referral Management Software Really Enhance The Patient Experience?

          When patients need advanced treatment or additional diagnosis that cannot be given within the practice, they are referred to a specialist/imaging center. The process of managing all the patient referrals that are received or sent is called patient referral management. There are many challenges faced by the patients in the referral process.

Challenges faced by patients

Let us review a typical referral process including the challenges faced by the patients.

  1. Patient visits the PCP – Andrews met with an accident recently. He met his PCP, Dr. John the next day as he was experiencing pain in his knee joints. After examining him, Dr.John wanted him to consult an orthopedic. The doctor then initiated the referral.
  2. PCP initiates the referral – John created a referral in his EMR. He did not have time to do the insurance pre-authorization so he left it to Andrews. He then found an orthopedic and gave him referral information verbally. Now when he met the specialist, Andrews had to again elaborate his condition and problems to him. This increased the efforts he took to meet a specialist. It did no go well with Andrews as he was already in pain.
  3. Patient Disorientation – John had instructed Andrews about the specialist he should visit, tests he should take and how to explain his condition. Andrews found these instructions too complicated to comprehend. He left the clinic with lots of confusions and doubts.
  4. Patient visits the specialist – Andrews then called the specialist a number of times. The first two times, the line was engaged. Finally, when he got through, all appointments were booked for the day.  to confirm his appointment. He had to wait for 24 hours in pain to meet the specialist. He spent another two hours in coordinating with the insurance company. At last, He met the orthopedic after long hours of waiting in pain. He got treated but was not happy with the waiting time and negative experience. He did not get back to the PCP to share referral updates and plans to visit some other PCP next time.

Challenges faced by the physicians

What factors stop Dr.John from giving the best patient experience to Andrews?

  1. Insurance Pre-authorization – John runs a practice where he treats many patients in a day. He has not adopted a referral management software. So he has to do the insurance pre-authorization for his patients. It is time-consuming and tedious.
  2. Finding the right specialist/imaging center – The clinic has no effective approach for finding the right specialist/imaging center. The chances of missing out on a good specialist/imaging center are high as it is done manually as they are not updated regularly.
  3. No referral updates – John is not up-to-date with the progress of the referrals which makes referral loop closure impossible.

The lack of a systematic referral workflow increased the manual effort and makes it tedious to follow-up with patients and receive referral updates.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management System

Considering the challenges faced by the patients, an automated Healthcare Patient Referral Management System is the need of the hour. Electronic healthcare referral management system helps healthcare organizations in the seamless processing of the referral process.

Let us review the same instance with HealthViewX Referral Management solution in place,

  1. Patient visits the PCP – Andrews met with an accident recently. He met his PCP, Dr. John the next day as he was having pain in his leg. After examining him, Dr.John wanted him to consult an orthopedic. The doctor then initiated the referral.
  2. PCP initiates the referral – John created a referral in HealthViewX system. HealthViewX does the insurance pre-authorization automatically in the background. With the help of the “Intelligent Smart Search” feature, he found an orthopedic. After giving the necessary information, John created the referral. The specialist got notified of the referral and all referral information were easily accessible by him.
  3. Patient Disorientation – Andrews left the clinic with clear information about the specialist and appointment details. There was no need for him to call up the specialist for appointment as everything is automated. The patient will be notified about the appointment and tests to be taken.
  4. Patient visits the specialist – Andrews met the orthopedic soon after the appointment was fixed. He got the best treatment and was satisfied with the referral process.

If you were Dr.John, would you not want Andrews to have a better experience? By using referral management software, you can ensure that Andrews’ knee pain heals while he also develops a positive opinion about your practice. Using a referral management software, you as a PCP can retain patients like Andrews in your network.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management Solution features

  • Insurance Pre-authorization – HealthViewX solution supports automated insurance pre-authorization that reduces the manual work of the referral coordinators.
  • Intelligent Provider Match – The solution supports an “Intelligent Provider Match” Feature that helps in finding the right specialist/imaging center easily.
  • Seamless communication – HealthViewX solution has an inbuilt audio calling and messaging application which is secure and enables faster communication
  • HIPAA compliant data security – The solution is HIPAA-compliant and offers secure data exchange. It supports almost all formats of files and keeps the patient documents safe.
  • Referral history – The timeline view provides the history and current status of the referral. A status helps in knowing the referral progress.
  • Referral loop closure – Referral updates are hard to miss that makes it easier to close the referral loops on time.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management application solves most of the challenges faced by the patients and PCPs. This increases patient satisfaction and revenue. To know more about HealthViewX solution, schedule a demo with us. Our patient referral management experts will guide you through our HIPAA-compliant solution.