Create and Manage your Medical Referral Network Better!

Referral Management Solution helps providers to send patient referrals and to keep track of them. The purpose of the solution is to achieve a better outcome by improving communication and coordination between healthcare providers and patients.
Electronic Referrals or e-Referral enables endless patient information sharing throughout the care continuum in a secured way without violating HIPAA complaint. It also makes hospital referral process simple, manageable and reviewable at any given point.

Referral software integrates with EMR and will soon eliminate paperwork and documentation. A study suggests that paperless referrals have increased the follow-up rates up to 30-40%.
The Healthcare process workflow is considered to be one of the most challenging environments with regards to the complexity and security involved, Referral Solution helps to extemporize the hospital’s process flow and enables quick referrals.

The followings are the features of Referral Solution:

1. Better Access

The focus of Referral software is to improve the doctor-patient communication to provide better care and to improve health outcome. Physicians can send seamless referrals within or outside the network and the patients can communicate to their specialist anytime. This endless access helps patients to engage better in self-care.

2. Manage Referrals

Referral Solution helps to send right information to the right person at the right time. It also helps the provider to manage the workflow of information back and forth. PCP who usually initiates the referral can view the referral history and can track and drill down to check the status in detail for any number of referrals initiated from their facility.

3. E-Consultation

E-consultation reduces unnecessary face-to-face hospital visits. The well -designed Referral Solution makes it easy for patients and caregivers to exchange messages and medical diagnostic attachments like X-rays, screening images, and clinical notes with the specialists. A specialist or PCP can instantly get connected to their patient for e-consultation either via texts, calls, or video calls.

4. Reminders and Alerts Notification

Both physicians and patients get reminders about their upcoming scheduled meetings. The solution will allow you to manage all these alerts. Automated alerts are also sent to keep physicians informed if they miss any alerts or in case of emergency.

5. Schedule Appointments

The physician can quickly fix appointments with their patients if they are under risk conditions. Scheduled appointments can be managed online through portals in case if they want to postpone or cancel the meeting after seeing improvements in patient’s health condition.

6. Post Feedback and Loop Closure

Feedback along with all treatment details will be sent back to the referred PCP from the specialist for EMR update. Once the patient record is updated PCP will close the referral loop.
Some hospitals find reducing referral leakage and readmissions after implementing Referral Management Solution at their practice.

7. Referral Leakage

Medical records are highly confidential and it requires a safe and secure transfer. Also, the probability of leakage of data is high when PCP is looking at multiple cases on a given day.

In order to avoid leakage, providers need to update the physician’s directory list frequently.
This problem can be solved by encrypting the file with a password. People who have credentials are the only ones who will be able to access, view and share the patient record.

HealthViewX Referral Management Solution helps to send referrals secure and seamlessly, provide quick access to patient data, send notifications and alerts, and share information throughout to ensure closure of referral loop.